Marilyn Rising by Cathi Locati

Marilyn Rising

Custom Made Fine Art

·  Looking for that special piece of art for your home or office?

·  Do you need or want something very specific that is the perfect size and    exact colors of your room and décor?

·  Do you want a unique piece of large format art that rises in value and    travels with you as you move from place to place?

Cathi Locati offers the solution to your unique art needs. Cathi offers a complimentary initial consultation to begin the creative process. She leads you through your ideas and creates sketches as she goes. She looks at your room interior, discusses with you your thoughts and ideas and pulls together all the colors in the decorating process and produces an individual piece of art specifically made just for you.

Cathi paints large format paintings on loose canvas roll then installs it directly onto your wall — hard to tell that it is NOT painted onto the wall. Only upon close scrutiny can one see that staples secure the image to the wall, allowing the painting to be removed quickly and efficiently for transporting to a new location.

Cathi can combine colors from wall colors, couches, curtains and swatches to paint exactly any subject matter combination creating a unique piece of art full of personal meaning that blends with your entire home or office.

Custom Made Fine Art and Portrait commissions minimum price is (per person painted) $3000 for 16" x 20" head only, $5000 for ½ body, $7500 for ¾ body and $10,000 for full body. Additional charges apply for complexity of background. Large format artwork is quoted individually depending on size and deadline demands.

Cathi can travel to client's location upon request for initial consultation (client pays for or provides artist's travel and accommodations). Payment requirements include 50% down payment upon acceptance of project and signed contract. Remaining 50% balance due upon completion before delivery of artwork.

Satisfaction is guaranteed through the use of three client authorized, signed checkpoints. The first occurs at 50% completion; the second at 90% completion; the final is signed acceptance of the completed artwork. Following acceptance, the remaining 50% commission balance becomes due and upon receipt, delivery of the artwork will be arranged.

Client pays shipping costs to receive completed artwork and/or artist travel costs to install the piece(s). Any changes after completion will be furnished by the artist at the rate of $100 per hour.

Cathi's commissioned work has always exceeded client expectations — the process is a lot of fun! Cathi does the work for you and does not take up a lot of your time. She requests small amounts of your attention at certain times throughout the process and holds your opinion and wants above all else before proceeding further.

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